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Disposable Shopping Bag

Post Date:08/28/2018 2:03 PM













What is going to change?

Beginning November 1st, commercial businesses in the City of Soldotna will no longer be able to provide customers with single-use, plastic disposable shopping bags for the purpose of carrying away goods from the point of sale.  This prohibition will apply to any retail or commercial business located in the city that sells goods or prepared food directly to consumers, and includes: grocery stores, pharmacies, retail stores, and restaurants.

What is a single-use plastic disposable shopping bag?

 The ordinance addresses single-use plastic disposable shopping bags, which means a bag made of plastic or any other non-biodegradable or compostable material, which is neither intended nor suitable for continuous reuse and is less than 2.25 mils thick.

Are there penalties for violations?

Though it is the City’s policy to work with business owners and the public to achieve voluntary compliance, any business that violates the new rules after November 1st, could be subject to fines up to $300 per day.

Can stores give out paper bags, and can they charge for them?

Yes, stores may choose to start offering paper bags instead of plastic, and can charge consumers on a per bag basis.  This choice is up to the individual business, and not something that is addressed in the City’s ordinance. 











Earlier this year, the Soldotna City Council adopted new regulations which are aimed at decreasing the number of littered disposable plastic shopping bags in our community, which can be harmful to the environment, pose a danger to wildlife, and cause unsightly litter.  

(Ordinance 2018-013, adopted April 11, 2018)


Is Soldotna the only City doing this?

According to a recent article in the Anchorage Daily News (Hollander, Zaz. “Plastic … with a price: How the bag ban shakes out at Wasilla’s big retailers”. July 16, 2018), Soldotna will join several other Alaskan communities which have already adopted legislation aimed at reducing the number of disposable bags in their communities, including:

Wasilla, Palmer, Tanana, Sitka, Koyuk, Kotlik, Kodiak, Galena, Fort Yukon, Hooper Bay, Emmonak, Cordova and Bethel.



Are all plastic bags prohibited?

No – several specific types of plastic bags will continue to be allowed, including: 

1. Bags used to contain dampness or leaks from items such as frozen foods, meat, or fish, flowers or potted plants;

2. Bags provided by pharmacists to contain prescription drugs;

3. Bags used to protect prepared foods or bakery goods.

4. Newspaper bags, laundry, or dry cleaning bags.

5. Bags used by customers inside stores to package bulk items such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, candy, or small hardware items, such as nails and bolts.

6. Bags sold for consumer use off the seller’s premises for such purposes as the collection and disposal of garbage, pet waste, or yard waste.

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Suggestion for reusable bags

Put your reusable bags back in your car, handbag, or on their shelf by the front door after you unpack them so you wont forget them.


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