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Storefront Improvement Grants

Our Storefront Improvement Program provides a municipal matching grant, up to $7,500, for exterior business remodels in our commercial districts.  Since we created the program in 2012, the City has partnered with local business owners to dramatically improve the look and quality of our downtown.  For more information on how to apply and to check out past projects, visit the project website.

Individualized Property Search in GIS

We know it can sometimes be challenging to find a property or existing structure in town that meets your needs. Our department is here to help.  Provide us with a list of criteria that are important to you, and we can use our geographic information system (GIS) data to help identify areas in the city and individual properties that meet your requirements.  We have access to a lot of data - some of which is not available anywhere else - such as: location of city water and sewer utilities, average daily traffic counts, appropriate zoning districts, lot sizes, etc.

Our goal is to supplement your site selection search - whether you're working with a real estate professional or on your own - to give you the greatest chance of finding a location where you can be successful.

Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E)

The City's economic development strategy focuses on supportting our existing businesses and entrepreneurs. As part of this effort, we partner with the Greater Soldotna Chamber of Commerce and the State's Department of Commerce on Soldotna Business First, a program designed to improve relationships between government and the private sector, share knowledge and best practices, and identify and remedy any restraints on growth and economic success.

Through this program, the city has identified policies that inadvertently restrained economic success for businesses, and quickly acted to change them.  We've also learned which issues are most important to individual owners, and worked to make them a City priority as well. It's not rocket science, just our brand of customer service.

If you have ideas on how we can make Soldotna a better place for business, check our our BR+E page, and please give us a call.

Business Confidence Survey

Some say confidence is key when it comes to the economy. That's why the city government and Chamber conduct an annual survey of members at their annual breakfast.  At this one event, we are able to gather responses from more than 200 business and civic leaders in the community, and instantly gauge their level of confidence for the coming years on a variety of topics.  To see how we're doing,  check out the survey results here.

Project Assistance and Consultation

We know that zoning codes, sign codes, and building codes can be complicated, but we're here to support you through the process.  If you are considering a new business, thinking about expanding an existing one or moving to another location, give us a call. We can help you navigate the permit and approval process, so you can get back to business. We can even set up an informal meeting with everyone in the same room -- you, the water/sewer utilities manager, the building inspector, the city planner, etc., to save you valuable time and make sure all the key players are on the same page.