Determining Fees

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The method of determining valuation of a project is based primarily on square footage multiplied by “area average construction costs” as published through the International Code Council. The unit cost per square foot is published twice a year and slight changes in the cost can occur at that time. Because the cost of construction has risen over the past few years, the cost of permits has increased accordingly.

The City of Soldotna does not charge extra because of the complexity of a project, such as a home with high end finishes. The City of Soldotna also does not charge extra for additional reviews of fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, or deferred submittals for structural elements like trusses, columns, beams, etc.

Fees are payable at City Hall via cash, check, or card (3% fee applied with card processing). Fees are paid in total for each project at the time of the application. We can provide estimates of building permit fees upon request.