Mobile Homes

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The City of Soldotna regulates the placement of mobile homes through a permit process.  With the permit, the applicant is required to fill out and submit a waiver (link). The waiver makes the Owner aware that some mobile homes were not constructed for all possible structural loads that may occur (snow, wind, seismic, etc.).

Before moving a mobile home, contact the Building Department to determine if the trailer is actually movable – this requires trailers to have been built and certified according to the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974)

Any existing mobile home brought into the City will still be subject to proper plumbing, electrical, mechanical, fire and life safety provisions as they occur in the codes.

Mobile homes will also be inspected for proper anchoring and support.  A drawing that outlines the typical installation is listed below.

  • Mobile Home Waiver
  • Mobile Home Installation Guide

Trailer House set up information Sheet

In an effort to allow mobile homes to be located within the City of Soldotna in accordance with the provisions of Soldotna Municipal Code Titles 15 and 17, the City has determined that mobile homes as defined in SMC Title 17, moved into or within the City, may be exempted from certain structural requirements for snow loads, wind loads, and seismic zones set forth in the Soldotna Building Code.

Mobile Home Exemption of Structural Requirements Form