Plan Review

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All permitted projects are reviewed prior to issuance of a permit.  This is called “Plan Review”.  Residential projects have differences in the level of review than commercial projects.  Residential projects are only reviewed by the Building Official.  Commercial projects get a two part review consisting of one by the Building Official and one by the Fire Marshal.

Residential Projects

Residential reviews look at the structure from a load path perspective where all structural components are looked at and some sizing is checked but in general this is all prescriptive.  Prescriptive meaning that is a based around common practice and data which is readily available within the code in the form of design tables, span tables, other guidelines, etc.

Commercial Projects

Commercial projects receive a “life safety” style review only.  For commercial reviews the time to complete varies depending upon the completeness of content and detail. Within this review we perform a code check for occupancy, a review of occupancy requirements, check and verify all egress information, verify all fire rated construction details and all fire and life safety devices.

Deferred submittals are accepted for fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, various kitchen systems, etc. These occur later after the permit is issued and are often designed by and under the actual contractor that will perform the installation. Turnaround time for deferred submittals is generally rapid, and no additional fees are charged for this work.

All commercial plans are required to be signed and sealed by architects and engineers licensed to practice in the State of Alaska for all review submittals.  Submittals that are allowed to be designed by NICET level designers must provide all of the information regarding the NICET designer in charge.

Plan Review Timelines

Plan reviews may be subject to delays due to limitations of staff availability. It is best to schedule for plan reviews early in the development process, to allow ample turnaround time.

Typically the review timelines are as follows:

  • Residential: approximately ten working days
  • Commercial: 1-2 months, or less, depending on the complexity of the project