Appeals from Decisions of the Building Official

First, contact the Building Official that you wish to file a formal appeal. Secondly, if you are unsatisfied, your appeal is forwarded at your request to the City Engineer. Thirdly, if you are unsatisfied your appeal is forwarded at your request to the City Manager. Finally, the appeal can be forwarded at your request to the City Council. Each Appeal step/action is limited by the fact that the appeals reviewer cannot waive requirements of the code.  Prior to requesting an appeal we suggest that you read and understand the appeals sections of the codes.

Complaints/Code Violations

The City of Soldotna Municipal Code provides that a citizen can notify the city that a particular individual or business is thought to be violating the building codes.  This is the form of filing a public complaint.  The Building Department does investigate complaints by contacting the owner of record and requesting an inspection be made.  Should code violations be found that affect life safety the Building Official may issue notices of violation(s).