Alaska Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES)

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The City of Soldotna does not adopt the Energy Code, however here in Alaska the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation does.  Alaska Housing also publishes the Alaska Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES).   Since most mortgage companies are following AHFC’s example there is an underlying expectation that all new construction be built to the latest recommendations for insulation values and ventilation.  While the City does not adopt the Energy Codes we do recommend that all owners make the best choices they can in regards to building energy efficient.  We do inspect the insulation and vapor barriers as it is installed. We also inspect new ventilation systems.

  •  Energy Raters in Alaska
    • Alaska Housing Finance Corporation lists Energy Raters that have met their qualifications.  You may research them at
    • There are two methods to determine compliance.  Testing and Prescriptive.
    • Information about AHFC publication of the BEES standard can be found at
    • On April 3rd, 2013 Alaska Housing Finance Corporation adopted the International Energy Code 2012 version.   They also list the Kenai Peninsula as Zone 7.