Building Permits

Pre-Application MeetingsScheduling a pre-application meeting with the Building and Planning Departments is a good way to get your project going.  At the pre-application, city staff will review your project and discuss zoning codes, including parking, landscaping, and other environmental factors. We can determine fees, assist in determining code issues that might have a financial impact to the project, and discuss similar items.  Utility connections and options are usually determined since they are often the first to be built.  Larger projects often have design issues that need to be identified and discussed and it is possible that more than one meeting may need to occur in these instances.

To schedule a pre-application meeting, please call City Hall (907-262-9107) and ask for the Building or Planning Departments.

  • Sheds larger than 200 square feet;
  • Connex/Shipping Container Structures;
  • All new construction;
  • Changes of use (residential to commercial, etc.);
  • Alterations to structures;
  • Addition of square footage;
  • Decks;
  • Fences over 7' tall;
  • Demolition;
  • Moving a building;
  • Mobile homes;
  • Temporary structures.

Certain building activity is allowed to proceed without obtaining a building permit:

  • Detached structures less than 200 square feet in residential construction and detached structures less than 120 square feet in commercial construction (Accessory structures may not be constructed on a lot prior to the construction of the principle structure, i.e. home or business)
  • Fences Under 7’ High
  • Retaining Walls Under 4' High
  • Playground Equipment
  • Painting/Wallpaper
  • Sidewalks

The building code authorizes the Building Official to penalize the owner for not obtaining a building permit.  The fee is equal to the cost of the required permit; in effect, this doubles your cost for a building permit.

The Building Official is assigned the duty to issue stop work orders and post the same.

Work that is performed to completion without a building permit usually results in lost potential property value and in some cases requires destructive inspections to determine compliance.  The lenders and future buyers are expecting a facility that is built and inspected to current building safety codes.

When equipment replacements and repairs must be performed in an emergency situation, the permit application shall be submitted within the next working business day to the building official.