The City of Soldotna assigns and maintains records of all addresses of structures within the city limits - approximately 2,500 properties in all. Our goal is to ensure the addresses meet the standards outlined in the Soldotna Municipal Code, which establishes a uniform system of addressing and is in compliance with the National Emergency Numbering Association. 

Verifying Addresses in the City

To verify the address the City and Borough are using for your property call the Economic Development + Planning Department at 907-262-9107 or visit the Borough’s Interactive Parcel Viewer.

Assigning New Addresses

New addresses are typically assigned during the building permit or zoning permit review processes. When we receive your application, we will review the plans to determine access and assign an address. For corner lots or large tracts of land, the address may depend on which right-of-way the driveway or entrance to the building fronts. For buildings with multiple occupancies (such as condominiums, or a mall with multiple tenants), the city will either assign multiple addresses or will use suffixes (typically A, B, C, etc.).

When a new address is assigned, this information will become part of your building or zoning permit file. Additionally, we will notify the Kenai Peninsula Borough so they can update their records.

If you have just moved into a new structure and are unsure of the address, please call the Economic Development + Planning Department for verification.

Posting Approved Addresses

Soldotna Municipal Code requires that owners post assigned addresses within 20 days of the city assigning the number. Numbers shall be at least 3 inches in height, and made of durable and clearly visible material. Please remember that emergency responders may need to locate your home during the day or night, so highly reflective material is a good option.

Changes to Addresses

Our responsibility is to assign addresses conforming to the Soldotna Municipal Code Section 12.20, which establishes a uniform system of addressing and is in compliance with the National Emergency Numbering Association. The City will strive to only change an address when there is a real concern that the incorrect number will cause confusion and delay for emergency responders. This, for example, may mean that your house has an odd number on the side of the street full of evens, or a number that is completely out of range (for example a 300 number in between two hundreds).

For changes to addresses, the City will mail a letter to the property owner explaining the change and including some information about posting the building and updating your records. We will then notify the Kenai Peninsula Borough and the Assessor's office. It is the property owner's responsibility to notify any private utility companies, tenants, banks or lending institutions, the US Post Office, or any other places where your address may need correcting.

Street Names

New rights-of-way dedicated on subdivision plats are named during the platting process. The Soldotna Municipal Code gives the City Council the ability to pass a resolution changing, renaming, or naming any existing or newly established street within the limits of the city, upon first hearing a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission.