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The City of Soldotna is committed to providing an environment where businesses can thrive.  Whether assisting you directly with a project, or referring you to one of our community partners for assistance, please use staff in our Department of Economic Development and Planning as one of your primary resources.

The pages in this section provide resources for businesses, and highlight the City's economic development initiatives.  Please contact us if you have recommendations on how we can help move Soldotna's economy forward, or make our community better for business. 

Our Approach to Economic Development 

Our strategy towards economic development can be summed up as two major focus areas:

  1. The first is ensuring that Soldotna remains a great place to live, play, work, and invest.
  2. The second is to focus on our local entrepreneurs and existing businesses, to ensure they have what they need to succeed. Our programs such as our Storefront improvement Program, annual Business Climate Survey and Business First for a Greater Soldotna were created to directly meet this goal of serving our local business community.

Our Vision

Our overall vision for economic development was set by our residents, in Envision Soldotna 2030, the City's comprehensive Plan:

Soldotna will encourage economic development by expanding health care and educational opportunities; year-round tourism and recreational opportunities; quality commercial development; and by incorporating the Kenai River as a marketable asset and resource.  Economic Development will promote pedestrian-friendly retail opportunities and the development of a more focused downtown.  Soldotna will strive to maintain its tax base while continuing to provide an extraordinary quality of life to its residents.

Economic Development Council 

The City of Soldotna believes that communities thrive when they continuously connect their assets. That is why we asked a group of individuals from our community to come together as an Economic Development Council. The group contains representatives from the private sector, Chamber of Commerce, K-12 education, College, health care, non-profit sector, and local government. Together, we have identified several key focus areas, and are working together to achieve projects that further our collective goals and interests. Through these connections, we not only strengthen what we have in our community, but we identify and pursue new opportunities.