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The City Manager oversees acquisition, management, and disposal of real property and resources owned by the City.  Administration of our programs are provided in accordance with Chapter 2.32 and 2.34 of the Soldotna Municipal Code.

Special Use Permits

The council may authorize the City to grant permits for the temporary use of real property owned by the City for a period up to five years, for any purpose compatible with the zoning of the land. Please contact the City Manager of you are interested in obtaining a special use permit for a specific activity on any city-owned land.

Requests to Lease or Buy City-owned Property

The City has the power to sell, lease, rent, donate, exchange, or make other disposition of real property or other interest in real property, according to Chapter 2.34 of the Soldotna Municipal Code. It is the City's policy that the outright sale of real property is not favored, unless the Council determines the property is no longer necessary for municipal purposes. If you are interested in buying or leasing a property that is owned by the City, please contact us for more information.

Airport Property

Airport lands and disposal is governed by Chapter 13.05 of the Soldotna Municipal Code, and administered by the Airport Manager. For more information about leasing airport tie downs, hangars or land, please visit the Airport page.

Use of City Parks

The use of City Parks is administered by the Parks and Recreation Department, with more information available here.