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The first step in adjusting legal property boundaries (combine or split parcels, move parcel lines, etc.) is to submit a replat document showing the changes proposed to our department, along with a $50 review fee. We will review the application materials, communicating with you about any necessary changes, and then bring the documents to the Planning & Zoning Commission for their review and action.  The City's process in reviewing plats is contained in Section 16.10 of the Soldotna Municipal Code.

Because the Kenai Peninsula Borough (KPB) is the platting authority for land inside the City of Soldotna, our commission only recommends approval or denial of the replat to the KPB. The KPB requires that the replat process begin with the City of Soldotna’s Planning & Zoning Commission. Once our Commission has voted on the subject replat, we will forward materials to the KPB.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to initiate contact with the KPB Planning Department’s.