Code Compliance

junk in drivewayPublic Complaint ReportingThe City of Soldotna Municipal Code provides that a citizen can notify the city that a particular individual or business may be violating the Public Nuisance or Building codes. The City will investigate complaints, and if a violation is noted, will begin by contacting the owner of record to provide notice of an impending official inspection.

Common Code Violations

  • Unsecured, abandoned structures;
  • Dangerous conditions (unused appliances, unsafe fences, abandoned storage tanks, piles of trash/materials);
  • Uncovered excavations such as pools, basements, or ditches;
  • Illegal trash or rubbish dumps;
  • Illegal junkyards;
  • Materials stored on-site for unreasonable periods of time;
  • Structures so defective or unsightly as to diminish surrounding property values
To Report a Public Nuisance or Unsafe StructuresTo register a complaint, first fill out this Code Violation Complaint Form. You will be required to give your name and contact information, which will not be made available except by valid court order (SMC 2.22.040(D)). 

The City will then investigate the complaint to determine if a violation exists. Voluntary compliance is the City's primary goal, and alleged violators or property owners will generally be given the opportunity to correct the violation without initiating fines or other enforcement proceedings. Each case will be treated in accordance with the severity of the violation.

In general, the City will follow the guidelines described below when a violation is reported:  Process the complaint form and research relevant City ordinances, locate the property owner of record and attempt to contact by phone, send a ‘Notice of Complaint' letter informing the property owner that the City has received a complaint and will be inspecting the property at a future date to confirm whether a violation exists.

The code does not require the City to issue a Notice of Complaint letter, it is simply our attempt to resolve problems with the least trouble and public expense possible.  If a violation is discovered at the inspection, send a ‘Notice of Violation.' This is a formal warning that an officer has observed a violation of the Soldotna Municipal Code, and is the beginning of the legal enforcement process. The property will be re-inspected in approximately 30 days.  If a violation is discovered at the re-inspection, send either a ‘Final Notice of Violation,' providing the property owner one last opportunity to correct the violation without enforcement proceedings, or on rare occasions, issue a citation for a court appearance.