When a local government adopts a comprehensive plan, a zoning ordinance is commonly used to carry it out.   Zoning includes both text and a map.  The map identifies the specific zoning districts within the community, and the text provides the specific land use regulations for each zone. The City of Soldotna’s zoning requirements can be found in Chapter 17.10 of the City’s Municipal Code.  

Land inside the city limits falls into one of nine land use categories, or "zones."  These categories are spatially represented on the zoning map and are referenced in the Zoning Code. Zoning regulations determine what kinds of buildings and uses are allowed on a piece of property. It also provides guidance on conditional uses, prohibited uses and structures, size of the lots and buildings, height restrictions, parking requirements, landscaping requirements, etc.

Together with other municipal requirements, zoning helps ensure that future land use patterns that are identified in the comprehensive plan are achieved; existing land uses are buffered from future incompatible land uses; development is adequately served by streets, utilities, parks and schools; and development is directed away from environmentally sensitive areas like salmon streams and floodplains.

For more information about your zoning district and its requirements, consult the Zoning Code, or contact the Planning Department.