Sign Standards

The Soldotna Municipal Code includes chapters on zoning (Title 17) and signs (Title 15.08).  These chapters define how land in the city limits can be used (commercial, residential, industrial, etc.) and how signage is regulated.
Our department regulates signage as defined in Title 15.08 of the Soldotna Municipal Code. The Building Official may also inspect signage, especially large signs or signs with electrical work, to ensure safety.  Signs must receive a permit before being erected or renovated.  (New permits are not required to change sign copy or perform routine maintenance on a sign, such as painting.)

Prohibited SignsSome types of signs are prohibited, including signs placed on vehicles or trailers parked primarily to display the sign, portable signs, animated/flashing signs, audio signs, and abandoned signs. Signage is also regulated by location. Off-premise signs (signs not on the parcel for the business/service they are advertising) are not allowed. This includes signs in the right-of-way.

Legally Nonconforming or "Grandfathered" SignsSigns constructed prior to December 1, 1999 or signs that were permitted but subsequently became non-conforming by code amendments are eligible for non-conforming status. If a sign is relocated, abandoned, damaged or deteriorates to 50 percent or more of the replacement value, or is altered in any way except towards compliance with the current regulations, the non-conforming status will be lost. (This does not include the routine change of copy on a sign designed for such a purpose.) A permit must be obtained to alter/modify a non-conforming sign.