New Services & New Customers

The City of Soldotna delivers high quality water and sewer service to many locations throughout the city.  To begin service at a location, or to have services transferred into your name, please complete and return a Utility Service Application. Applications can be delivered to City Hall, 177 N Birch St., Soldotna, AK, 99669.

Security Deposits

For new customers, we require a security deposit equal to twice the estimated monthly charge for potential noncollectable accounts. Beginning July 1, 2019, for single residential service the deposit is $191.88.  The deposit is refundable after 3 years of timely payments. This deposit can be waived if we receive a letter of satisfactory payment history from another utility provider. Other utility providers (Homer Electric, Enstar, etc.) issue these letters for customers who have been satisfactory in the payment of their utility bills.

There will also be a nonrefundable $32.00 transfer fee plus tax on your first bill.

Utility Rates

Beginning July 1, 2019, the non metered residential water/sewer rate is $101.70 per month (including taxes). Water and sewer rate schedules and fees are shown in Soldotna Municipal Code 13.16.

Shut Off Policy

If an account is listed on the City of Soldotna’s shut off list, the entire past due amount with any penalties must be received before the shut off notice date printed on bill.  If the entire past due amount is not received by that date, a door tag will be hung at your residence and a $20 fee plus tax will be assessed to your account.  If the entire past due amount is not received before the shut off date printed on the door tag, your water will be turned off.

When your water is turned off for nonpayment, to resume service, you must:

  1. Pay all amounts due in the account, not just the past due amount.  This includes a $32 charge plus tax for the turn off of the service.
  2. Pay an additional $32.00 plus tax to have your water turned back on.
  3. A deposit equal to six months utility service may be required if service is terminated due to nonpayment.

Prior to the shutoff date, if you cannot pay the entire past due amount, please call or come to City Hall to discuss whether a payment arrangement can be made.   Should the City agree to an acceptable payment arrangement; you need to be aware that failure to pay your scheduled payment means immediate water shutoff with no further notice. 

A non-sufficient funds (NSF) check is not payment of your account.  Should the City receive a NSF check for payment of an account on the Shut Off List, water service will be terminated with no further notice from the City.  Additional turn off and turn on fees, a $30 NSF fee and all amounts due on the account will be required to be paid in certified funds or cash before water service will be restored.

Terms & Conditions of Service

  1. Water and/or sewer shall be subject at all times to such changes or modifications by the Council as from time to time it directs, in the exercise of its jurisdiction.
  2. The City will exercise reasonable diligence and care to deliver a continuous and sufficient supply of water to the customers at the proper pressure and to minimize any shortages or interruptions of delivery.  The City shall not be liable for any damage resulting from an interruption in services.  The City may resort to temporary shutdowns for improvements and repairs.
  3. Customers shall abide by the laws and regulations of the City pertaining to water and sewer service and customers shall duly and regularly pay for water and sewer service at designated rates as shall from time to time be fixed by City Council.
  4. Deposits or an excellent crediting rating from another utility shall be required for all new water and sewer services and shall be paid at the time water and/or sewer service is applied for.  Deposits will be refunded in accordance with current provisions of City of Soldotna Municipal Code/ordinances.
  5. Water and sewer service charges are billed monthly in advance of service rendered unless metered.  If payment is not received prior to the 26th day of the current month, it is delinquent.  Late charges at the current rate per municipal code will be assessed and service may be discontinued.  Shut off policy is addressed in the previous section.
  6. The owner of the real property shall be responsible for water and sewer bills incurred by his/her tenants.
  7. Property is subject to liens, penalties, and interest for non-payment of water and sewer charges.
  8. A customer may have his/her water and sewer service discontinued by notifying the City in writing within five (5) days of the desired discontinuance.  The customer is required to pay the balance of their account at that time.
  9. It is the customer's responsibility for locating the thaw wire and thawing any frozen water lines between the water main and his/her residence or other building served.  The City maintains water and sewer mains; maintenance and repair of all other service lines are the responsibility of the property owner.
  10. The City may discontinue service to any customer who violates provisions of this agreement or City laws and regulations pertaining to the use of the City's water or sewer system.
  11. The terms and conditions of service contained herein are established by city ordinances and are subject to change.