The campground and boat launch were completed in 1980's with bank restoration and improved river access added in the later 1990's. In 2002, campsites were added.

Winding through the forest that borders the banks of the Kenai River are the 40 campsites of Swiftwater Park. With the park's seclusion from the busy summer activity in Soldotna, it could almost be its own little village.

Campsites come complete with picnic tables and fire pits. Potable water is available at the well houses, firewood can be purchased and the park has an RV dump station. More than 800 feet of elevated boardwalk and fishwalk platforms were built so you can enjoy walking or fishing along the rivers edge without disturbing the fragile river bank environment.

Eager to put your boat on the river and get your hook in the water? Who wouldn’t be? This is a perfect spot for catching sockeye, silver and pink salmon. And don’t forget that bank fishermen also occasionally catch King salmon at this location. The park has a launch ramp and plenty of parking to accommodate day users.

Camping check out time is at noon.

 Campground Fees Revenue   Tax Total 
 Camping   19.81 1.19 21.00
 Camping (Peak Time)***  24.53 1.47 26.00
 Day Use  7.55 .45 8.00
 Launch (Non-Motorized Boats) 8.49 .51 9.00
 Launch (Motorized Boats) 16.98 1.02 18.00
 Combo (Camping w/Boat Launch)   32.08 1.92 34.00
 Combo (Peak Time)(Camping w/Boat Launch)*** 35.85 2.15 38.00
 Season Day Use Pass (Vehicle Under 22')  61.32  3.68  65.00
 Season Day Use Pass (Vehicle Over 22')  83.96  5.04  89.00
 Pre-Season Day Use Pass  37.74  2.26  40.00
 Military Discounted Pre Season Day Use Pass  30.19  1.81  32.00
 Military Discounted Season Day Use Pass (Vehicle Under 22')  51.89  3.11  55.00
 Military Discounted Season Day Use Pass (Vehicle Over 22')  71.70  4.30  76.00
 Season Boat Launch (Non-Motorized Boats)  194.34  11.66  206.00
 Season Boat Launch (Motorized Boats)  388.68  23.32  412.00
 Ice  3.77  .23  4.00
 Wood  5.66  .34  6.00
 RV Waste Dump  18.87  1.13  20.00
 ***Peak Time: July 7-31