Animal Control

The Soldotna Animal Control Office has been a part of the City’s government for more than 30 years, but in 2011 it became a division of the Police Department. While the primary responsibility of Animal Control Officer is to enforce Soldotna’s Animal Control ordinances, they are also tasked with long range planning of local animal control programs.

The Animal Control Officer regularly patrols the community to impound strays and investigate public complaints. They also respond to animal related emergency calls referred to them by police officers. These calls may involve dangerous, injured or abandoned animals or be the result of an animal bite to a human. One of the most important responsibilities of the Animal Control Office is to cooperate with the Alaska Department of Public Health to investigate, mitigate, and manage any threat of rabies in the community.

Public education is another important responsibility of the Animal Control Office which endeavors to promote responsible pet ownership through community outreach. Officers welcome invitations to share their insights and expertise about animal care.

The Animal Control Officer routinely issues citations for violations of city animal ordinances and also enforce the licensing of dogs within the community. Licenses may be purchased at the City of Soldotna Police Department or at the City of Kenai Animal Shelter.

Starting in 2019, Soldotna Animal Control has contracted with the City of Kenai to provide shelter services for animals from within the city limits of Soldotna. This makes it all the more important to make sure that your pet is wearing a tag with your phone number on it. It is our goal to return pets home as quickly as possible, and that tag may save you and your pet a trip to the Kenai Animal Control Shelter.

The Kenai Animal Shelter is located at 510 N Willow. They are open Tuesday through Friday 11am-5:30pm, and Saturday 11am-5p. Contact Kenai Animal Shelter at 907-283-7353

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