Frequently Asked Questions

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ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLES (ATVs) & SNOW MACHINES: Can I drive my four wheeler or snow machine inside city limits?
In accordance with Soldotna Municipal Code 10.05.020, the operation of snow machines and other ATVs is NOT permitted within the city limits of Soldotna, except on private property with the express consent of the landowner. Even with permission, the vehicle must be operated in such a manner that it does not disturb the peace and quiet of another.
BUSINESS HOURS: What are your business hours?
The front lobby is open and administrative staff are available on Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. However, officers are available to respond to calls for service 24 hours per day. After business hours, contact the Dispatch Center at (907) 262-4455 or simply pick up the red telephone located outside the front lobby. Always call 9-1-1 in an emergency.
COURT INFORMATION: What is the current status of my court case? When is my next court date?
Contact the Kenai Court at 125 Trading Bay Drive in Kenai, or call (907) 283-3110. Additional information, including court calendars and CourtView public records, are available at
DIVISION OF MOTOR VEHICLES (DMV): Where is the local DMV office?
The Soldotna DMV is located at 43335 Kalifornsky Beach Road, in the Red Diamond Center behind the Shell Gas Station. The office can be contacted by telephone at (907) 262-4681. Additionally, the following contract offices offer registration tags and titling services: AK Express Tags, Titles & Registrations LLC located at 43700 Kalifornsky Beach Rd., tel: (907) 260-9501, and Kenai Peninsula Driving Instruction located at 11312 Kenai Spur Hwy., Suite 71.
EVIDENCE: My property was seized as part of an investigation. When can I retrieve my belongings?
Release of property is by appointment only and, in many instances, is at the discretion of the district attorney's office. Call (907) 262-4455 and contact the evidence custodian for further assistance. You will be required to show photo ID.
FINGERPRINTS: I need to be fingerprinted for a job application. Does SPD provide fingerprinting services?
No. Call (855) 347-8371 to make an appointment with Kenai Peninsula Driving Academy ( or book online here:, which offers occupational support services including fingerprint-based background checks. They are located at 11312 Kenai Spur Hwy., Suite 71 in Kenai. 
FIREARMS: What are the restrictions on shooting within the city limits? Can I carry a concealed weapon?
Soldotna Municipal Code 9.05.020 prohibits the discharge of any firearm within the city limits, except on an established shooting range. Firearms are defined as any instrument used in the propulsion of shots, shells, or bullets by the action of gunpowder exploded in it. This ordinance does not prohibit the use of BB/pellet guns. 

There are no special weapons permits required to carry a firearm anywhere in the State of Alaska. Review the Alaska Statutes for further information regarding weapons offenses (AS 11.61.190-11.61.250) or concealed carry permits (AS 18.65.700-18.65.790).
FISHING: I have questions about hunting/fishing regulations. Who should I contact?
Please direct all questions to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, located at 43961 Kalifornsky Beach Road in Soldotna. Call (907) 262-2737 with questions about sport fishing, or (907) 262-9368 with questions about commercial fishing.
FIX-IT TICKETS: I was issued a correctable citation (a "fix-it" ticket) by another agency. Can I bring it to SPD for correction/inspection?
Yes. Follow the instructions selected in the "Correctable" section of the "Required Response" box on your citation, and then bring the citation with you to the police department.
JAIL: Someone I know was recently arrested. Can you tell me if they're still in jail?
Call Wildwood Correctional Center at (907) 260-7200 or search VINELink for the offender's name. NOTE: You must provide the correct spelling of the offender's first and last name.
NOISE COMPLAINTS: Someone in my neighborhood is playing music so loudly that I cannot sleep. What can the police do about this behavior?
The City of Soldotna does not regulate noise between certain hours of the day. However, this type of behavior may be considered disorderly conduct, which is covered by the Alaska Statutes (AS 11. 61.110). Again, there is no time restriction in this statute; instead, it is enforced by the definition of "unreasonably loud noise," and the law requires that the offending party must first be informed that the conduct is disturbing the peace and privacy of another before he or she can be charged. Call (907) 262-4455 to report a noise complaint and an officer will attempt to contact the individual and issue a warning as required. If the problem persists after the warning is issued, the person can be charged with disorderly conduct.
POLICE REPORTS: How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
First, you must fill out a records request form. This form is available online here, or at the Soldotna Police Department. You will be contacted by telephone once the request has been reviewed and approved. Reports must be picked up within two weeks of notification and are subject to the following fee schedule:

Paper Copies: $5 (Page 1-10), 50¢ each additional page
CD/DVD/Media: $15 per disk
RESTRAINING ORDERS: How do I apply for a restraining order?
If you need to report a crime, contact the police or the Alaska State Troopers. If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1. Otherwise, you can ask the court for a protective order. You can find the written request form online at, or fill it out in person at the courthouse. For more information, contact the Kenai Court at 125 Trading Bay Drive in Kenai, or call (907) 283-3110.
RIDE-ALONGS: Does SPD have a ride-along program?
STUDDED TIRES: How long can I have studded tires on my vehicle?
Studded/chained tires are prohibited on paved roadways each year from May 1st through September 15th, inclusive, north of 60° North Latitude (all communities north of Ninilchik). South of 60° North Latitude (Anchor Point, Homer, Kodiak, and cities/towns in Southeast Alaska) studded/chained tires are unlawful from April 15th through September 30th, inclusive. However, at any latitude on a paved portion of the Sterling Highway, a person may not operate a motor vehicle with studded tires from May 1st through September 15th, inclusive. 
TRAFFIC FINES: Can I pay for my traffic citation at SPD?
No. Payment can be made in-person at the courthouse or mailed to the address listed on the front of the citation. Fines and court costs may also be accepted online at this link: Payment Information - Alaska Court System.