Streets & Maintenance

The Maintenance Department personnel are split between the streets crew, city buildings maintenance, and airport/fleet repair and maintenance. The crew consists of five maintenance employees, two mechanics and a support tech, an administrative assistant and the department manager. Our duties include year round street maintenance, which consists of road grading, snow plowing both streets and the airport, sanding, pulling the drainage ditches, cleaning culverts, mowing of some right-of-ways and easements, dust control on gravel roads, crack sealing on paved streets, street sweeping and parking lot maintenance at City buildings. Our duties also include items such as storm drain maintenance and repairs, street light maintenance, and street sign replacement.

We perform alterations, repair and maintenance of the City buildings, facilities and equipment. We routinely schedule and conduct inspections on our fire systems, elevators, boilers, and HVAC systems. We perform basic carpentry, painting, plumbing, plastering, sheet rock installation and repair, and electrical and mechanical work as the need arises.

We are also in charge of the installation, upkeep, and removal of the seasonal banners and Christmas ornaments hung on the utility poles throughout downtown.

Our small crew strives to provide the City residents and visitors with the high level of service they are accustomed to while maintaining fiscal responsibility. We are proud to help maintain Soldotna as one of the best places in Alaska to live, work and play.