Snow Removal

The City’s Streets & Maintenance Department's primary objective is to provide a plan for the safe and orderly movement of emergency equipment, vehicle traffic, and pedestrians through the City. The information below outlines the guidelines the City follows when snowfall impedes the ability of vehicular traffic to move within the City limits.

When the snowfall reaches 2-3 inches, crews will begin snow removal. If the snowfall exceeds three inches, additional resources, operators and equipment will be called to ensure timely removal of the snow. After-hours call outs will be on an as needed basis.

Driveway gates are installed on City snow removal equipment in order to reduce driveway berms.

The highest priority is always the main arterial roads via the following route:

Binkley Street, Marydale Avenue, Sohi Lane, Knight Drive, Kobuk Street, Redoubt Avenue, Birch Street, Park Avenue, Fireweed Street, Corral Avenue, Wilson Lane, Warehouse Drive, Tern Circle, and Lovers Lane.

The snow is plowed to the center of the street, where it will be removed as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, two pickups with plows and one grader will be utilized for main roads. Intersections and openings to parking areas will be left open to facilitate traffic circulation, ingress, and egress.

The second priority is residential neighborhoods, where two graders will be used under normal circumstances.

Plowing will begin at the City center and work to the outer areas of the City. In this way, we are able to service the majority of the citizens in the least amount of time. If you find a large amount of snow is being left in driveways, contact the Maintenance Manager.

After City streets are made passable, or when resources become available, the Airport runway and taxiways will be plowed. Tie-down areas are a last priority for plowing, unless directed by the Maintenance Supervisor.