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Avoiding Frozen pipes

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Frozen pipesHere are some recommendations to prevent and remedy frozen water service lines.

Before winter sets in, it is recommended that the customer find their service shut off valve and thaw wire located on their property.

If your water has frozen in the past, it is recommended that you run you water from January 1st through April 30th, at about the thickness of a No.2 pencil lead.

In the event of a frozen water line, please contact the City of Soldotna at 262-4205 IF you need help locating your key box and thaw wire.


 The customer is responsible for hiring and paying a thawing service to thaw their service line. The customer will assume all risks and liabilities of using a pipe thawing company.

Once the customer's line is thawed, it is  recommended that you  run the water at the thickness of a No. 2 pencil lead.

Choose a fixture that is at the lowest point or in an area that will cause minimal damage to the home if the sewer backs up. Monitor the flow of water as to not cause a back up in your home.

The City of Soldotna does not provide services of thawing frozen service lines. Options for pipe thawing are use of steam thawing and use of a welder to thaw pipes. Both are available in the area through  service providers.

Calls to the City of Soldotna during normal business hours of 7:30a.m to 4:00p.m Monday - Friday will be responded to within the business day as staffing becomes available.

After hours and week-end calls requesting City of Soldotna Employees to respond will be charged $120.00. Otherwise calls received after working hours or on weekends will be responded to the next business day as staffing becomes available.  

If your line freezes as a result of the main line freezing, City of Soldotna will assume costs associated with thawing your service.

Myth Busters:

Running your water will not increase your bill unless you are a metered customer.

If you are a metered customer the City of Soldotna will make arrangements with you as long as the city is notified in ADVANCE. However, charges incurred prior to notification are payable by customer.