Utility Requirements

The Utility Department regulates connections to water, sewer and storm water infrastructure.  Permits for a connection requires completed applications, fees and has specific contractor requirements. A  The Building and Plumbing codes along with the Soldotna Municipal Code do not allow certain illegal connections such as utilities serving several properties off of the same service, utilities served by passing under other structures, improper materials, or improper burial depth.  Some utilities require the acquisition of easements prior to their construction.  Contact the Utility Department for more information.

  • Use of Public Utilities – Properties within 300’ of existing mains are required to connect.
  • Existing Utilities – not all areas within the City limits of Soldotna are served with public utilities.  Some properties require onsite water wells and onsite waste water disposal systems (septic tanks and leach fields).  Contact our Utility Department for more information.  Contact the State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation for the construction of onsite water wells and waste water disposal systems.
  • Single service to properties – each property is required to have a separate service.  Properties found to not be in compliance can be restricted until the utility connection is properly connected.
  • Main Line Extensions – Developers of property can apply to extend utilities to their property.  Contact our Utility Department and the Public Works Department to discuss this option.
See below for additional information about the Utility Master Plan, Water Quality Reports, and links to related forms and documents.
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Utility Master Plan3 documents

  • Water System Master Plan
    document Header Water System Master Plan
  • Wastewater System Master Plan
    document Header Wastewater System Master Plan
  • Wastewater Facilities Master Plan
    document Header Wastewater Facilities Master Plan

Water Quality Reports3 documents

  • 2023 Water Quality Report
    document Header 2023 Water Quality Report
  • 2022 Water Quality Report
    document Header 2022 Water Quality Report
  • 2021 Water Quality Report
    document Header 2021 Water Quality Report

Forms and Documents9 documents

  • Water/Sewer Pre-Work Checklist
    document Header Water/Sewer Pre-Work Checklist
  • Water/Sewer Permit Application
    document Header Water/Sewer Permit Application
  • Water Turn On / Turn Off Request
    document Header Water Turn On / Turn Off Request
  • Water Distribution Map
    document Header Water Distribution Map
  • Utility Truck Fill Permit
    document Header Utility Truck Fill Permit
  • Utility Rate Study
    document Header Utility Rate Study
  • Standard Specifications
    document Header Standard Specifications
  • Sewer Collection Map
    document Header Sewer Collection Map
  • New Water/Sewer Accounts
    document Header New Water/Sewer Accounts