Water Distribution System

The Soldotna Utility Department operates four Class A ground-water wells that are capable of producing 2.8 million gallons per day. The ground water is disinfected with liquid chlorine. Aqua mag, which is a blended phosphate, is added to the potable water for sequestering iron and manganese to help keep the iron in suspension. By keeping these minerals in suspension, it prevents them collecting on the inside of the distribution system pipes and sloughing off, which can cause high dosages to the consumers. The City operates approximately 38 miles of distribution pipe. Within the 38 miles of distribution pipe, there are approximately 1,550 water service connections and 319 fire hydrants.

The City of Soldotna owns four ground-water wells. These wells are capable of producing 2.8 million gallons per day; however, the average daily usage is only around 564,000 gallons. Each well has its own liquid chlorination feed system and liquid aqua-mag feed system as well. These four wells are used to supply the City of Soldotna's water demand as well as fill two 1,000,000 gallon water reservoirs inside the City Of Soldotna. These reservoirs operate as hydromatics and are tied into our water distribution system. In addition to the four ground water wells the City of Soldotna operates to provide potable water to the residents of Soldotna, five seasonal ground water wells are operated during the summer months within two city owned parks (Centennial Park and Swiftwater Park).

water reservoir 
1 Million Gallon Potable Water Reservoir
well house 
Well House B (produces ~400 Gallons Per Minute)
sodium hypochlorite generator 
Clor-Tec Sodium Hypochlorite Generator (produces 0.8% chlorine used to treat drinking water produced by water wells)