Notice of Pre-Submission Public Hearing for a Petition to Annex to the City of Soldotna by the Legislative Review Method 



Update: August 6, 2019 

The City of Soldotna has completed a draft annexation petition that is available for public review by clicking on the petition box below: 


The City of Soldotna intends to file an annexation petition by legislative review with the Local Boundary Commission. The territory proposed by the City for annexation consists of about 3.8 square miles of land, and includes areas adjacent to the existing City boundaries that is available for public review by clicking on the map box below: 

Proposed Map

The public will have an opportunity to comment on the draft petition at a pre-submission public hearing on Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 2:00 PM.  The hearing will be held at the Soldotna High School auditorium, located at 425 W. Marydale Avenue, Soldotna, AK.  

The public hearing will address the appropriate annexation standards and their application to the annexation proposal, legislative review annexation procedures, the reasonable anticipated effects of the proposed annexation, and the proposed transition plan required under 3 AAC 110.900.

As noted above, members of the public may comment during the public hearing. The comment time period may be limited to three minutes per individual speaker. Written comments may also be submitted to the city by the end of the hearing on September 7, 2019 by:

Mail: City of Soldotna, Attention: City Clerk, 177 N. Birch Street, Soldotna, Alaska 99669;
Fax: 907-262-4389.

Questions can be directed to City Manager, Stephanie Queen or Director of Economic Development + Planning, John Czarnezki at the above contact information, or by phone at 907-262-9107.

A summary of the petition is also available and can be viewed by clicking here.


Draft Petition Being Prepared

Update: June 18, 2018

On June 13, 2018, the Soldotna City Council approved Substitute Resolution 2018-013, directing the Administration to prepare a draft petition for potential annexation areas.   The approved resolution includes 7 of the original 9 study areas, with some being modified from their original boundaries.  Click on the thumbnail below to view the areas included in the approved resolution.  

Map Thumbnail


With adoption of the resolution, the Administration will now begin to collect information and to draft a petition consistent with the Local Boundary Commission’s policies and procedures for annexation by legislative review. 

A transition plan will also be created to address questions related to the assumption and/or extension of services to the new areas.  The plan will be developed in consultation with the existing service providers, and will address many of the issues identified during the public engagement process. 

Once the petition and transition plan have been drafted, they will be presented to the City Council for consideration.  



Envision Soldotna 2030, the City's comprehensive plan, was adopted in 2011 after significant public input, as a kind of road map created to guide us toward realizing the community's vision:

Soldotna is a vibrant community in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula, providing a high quality of life through care and attention to both the natural and built environment, and cherishing its past while reaching out to the future.

One of the many recommendations in the plan, is to explore the potential for annexation, as a way of promoting orderly high-quality development, cost-effective extension of public services, opportunities for large-scale developments requiring larger parcels, protection of the City's sales tax base, and protection of the natural environment.  Additionally, the plan recommends coordinating with neighboring communities and landowners to identify common interests and goals.

Though annexation has been discussed and considered many times in the past, the City is following through on the plan's recommendation of exploring annexation, in two phases:

- The first phase identified study areas around the existing City limits, which could be considered for potential incorporation into the City.  A fiscal impact analysis was then conducted, to estimate the cost of providing City services to those areas, and evaluate whether revenue generated in the areas would be sufficient to cover the costs.

- The second phase of exploring the need and potential for annexation, is a robust public engagement process, to allow all area residents the opportunity to share information about why the City is considering annexation and what the potential impacts would be, and to gather comments and feedback from the community about the issue.

Please explore the materials provided on this web page, join the conversation to share your thoughts and hear from others, as we consider this important issue.