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Areas Being Considered for Annexation:


The City is interested in hearing from residents, business owners and land owners in the areas being considered for incorporation into the City.  These areas are shown on the map above.   Click on the thumbnail to open a larger PDF file, and then click on each sub-area to open a detailed map for that particular area.

How Were the Areas Chosen?

The Areas were selected for consideration, because they have one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. Areas where residents and businesses are already receiving city services, such as water and/or sewer utilities, or where extension of utilities can be reasonably achieved or anticipated;
  2. Existing or potential commercial highway corridors near the City, whose development has the potential to erode the City's sales tax base;
  3. Undeveloped or under-developed areas which may benefit from City services and standards prior to residential, commercial, or other development; and
  4. Areas where health and safety issues may exist or where a request has been received by the City to offer services not available in the Borough.

Map Gallery

Annexation Area Map (Overview)

- Detailed maps:

Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4
Area 5
Area 7
Area 9

Below are some general information maps the City has produced. 

- Aerial Imagery & City Boundaries: 1950    1975    2012
Commercial and Residential Land Supply In City Limits (2015)
- City of Soldotna Water & Sewer Legal Service Area Boundaries
City of Soldotna Water & Sewer Distribution Systems
Zoning Districts Allowing Domesticated Farm Animals
City of Soldotna Current Zoning Map
KPB Tax Authority Areas

To look up basic information about a parcel of land, such as ownership records, transfers, plats, or assessment/valuation information, visit the Kenai Peninsula Borough’s parcel viewer.