The City Council and various advisory commissions and boards meet in the Council Chamber at City Hall.

Types of Meetings

Regular meetings are the regularly scheduled meetings of the City Council and the advisory board and commissions.

Work sessions may be scheduled on occasion for any board to discuss subjects and provide direction to administration in a less formal setting; however, no actions are taken in a work session. Work sessions are open to the public. The boards may choose whether or not to take public comments on work session items.

Special meetings may be scheduled to act on time sensitive items that require attention prior to the next regular business meeting. Typically a special meeting follows the same format as a regular meeting, but only have the specific item being discussed on the agenda.

The Alaska Open Meetings Act is defined in State Statutes Sec. 44.62.310.

Public Comments

The public is welcome to attend any meeting and participate at opportunities for public comments on the agenda. The regular agenda includes two places for public comments on items that are not already on the agenda: one at the beginning of the meeting and one toward the end of the meeting. The public also has the opportunity to comment on specific items scheduled on the agenda as each item is considered by the Council, Board or Commission.

Comments are typically limited to three minutes. The Council, Board or Commission may decide not to take action on any requests made during public comments. In order to keep the meeting on task and moving forward, additional time limits may be placed on controversial subjects or if there are large groups attending to speak about the same item. Large groups are encouraged to select a couple speakers to represent the opinion of the group.

To make a presentation longer than three minutes or to make a request that requires action by one of these governing bodies, please contact the City of Soldotna to be added to an upcoming agenda. The deadline to be added to an agenda is one week prior to the meeting.