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The City of Soldotna would like to sincerely express our thanks to the many people in our community who gave their time, energy, and ideas to create the Community Memorial Park.


River view

River Overlook

A primary feature of the Redoubt location was the recognition of the site's proximity to the Kenai River. The River Overlook celebrates our community's relationship with the river and provides a secluded location for park visitors to reflect on the memories of those who have passed.

The River Overlook provides a location to sit and reflect. A scatter garden in this area of the Park is used for the scattering of cremains (ashes). Future plans include an overlook deck and additional benches. The River Overlook captures the passing of time as the river flows within view of the area.

Memorial Walk

Memorial Wall

Past citizens of the Soldotna area did not have the choice to be interred within their community. The Memorial Wall was included by the design committee to bring back the history of Soldotna. Those interred in other locations can now forever be remembered at the Soldotna Community Memorial Park.

The area represents the braids of the Kenai River and includes rails where plaques celebrating the lives of those interred elsewhere will be affixed. For those whose hearts will always be in Soldotna, the Memorial Wall is designed to bring their memory back home to our community.



The columbarium contains niches for the interment of loved ones in an above-ground visible monument. The granite structure will include inscriptions for those that are interred within, allowing families to feel a closeness to those that have passed.

Baby Lawn

The loss of a child is one that is shared by the entire community. The Baby Lawn area embraces the celebration of lives that were cut short too early, in a community setting. The setting is landscaped in a circular fashion, representing the community's desire to shield and protect those whose brief lives amongst us brought us joy that will never be forgotten. There is no cost for City services to families who have lost a child from birth to 7 years of age.

Veterans Memorial

Veterans Memorial

The Veteran's Memorial was designed in collaboration with local veteran groups in recognition for their service and sacrifice in protecting our freedom and way of life.

The Veteran's Memorial includes the insignia's of all five branches of the U.S. military in front of three flag poles for the United States, Alaska and Veteran's flags. The area is expandable similar to all sections of the park with the forest as a background.