City of Soldotna Elections and Important Dates

Information regarding City of Soldotna candidate filing periods, voting registration deadlines, and election dates will be listed on the Election Information page.

City of Soldotna Election Information

Soldotna Municipal Code, Title 4

A City election is any election to fill Soldotna City offices and vote on propositions submitted to the voters. The City election is administered by the City Clerk and held annually on the first Tuesday of October. The City Council may, by resolution, call a special election at any time, upon the publication of proper notices.

Absentee/Early Voting by Mail - City of Soldotna Elections Only

You may apply to have an absentee/early ballot mailed or faxed to you by submitting an absentee ballot request form no earlier than the first of the year in which the election is to be held, nor less than seven calendar days before an election.

Early Voting in Person

Within 15 days before a regular or special election, you may vote absentee. Please visit this link for more information.

Forms & Applications Absentee Ballot Application 
State of Alaska Forms: 
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Absentee Ballot Application

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