Mini Grant Program

Applications will only be accepted during application cycles. Applications must be received no earlier than the first day of application cycle and no later than midnight on closing day.

Awards are limited to $1000 per recipient per fiscal year.
  ResourcesMini Grant Application
Mini Grant Policy

Purpose of the Program: 

The City of Soldotna recognizes the valued contributions being provided through the volunteer efforts of community organizations, and agencies on behalf of our community. The Mini Grant Program is established to provide funding to a wide range of civic programs, services, and events that contribute to the cultural and economic environment, and/or health, welfare and overall quality of life for the community and residents of Soldotna.

Providing grant funding through the Mini Grant Program demonstrates the City’s commitment to programs, services, and events that benefit the community and overall quality of life for Soldotna residents, including our most-vulnerable population. 

The Mini Grant Policy establishes guidelines, to promote the fair and consistent administration of the Mini Grant Program for community organizations.

How to Apply:
Applicants may apply by submitting a completed Mini Grant Application and required documents during one of the Grant Cycles. For additional information regarding eligibility requirements for applicants, the grant application cycles, and the types of programs, services, or events that are eligible, please see the Mini Grant Policy.  Application and the required or supporting documentation must all be submitted together as one packet.

Please read the complete Mini Grant Program Policy to ensure your application meets all eligibility requirements.

Application Deadline:
Applications and required documentation must be received by midnight on the last day of the application cycle. During regular business hours, applications can be dropped off at the front desk at City Hall, 177 N. Birch Street, Soldotna, AK 99669. If you are unable drop your application off, applications may be submitted by email to or faxed to 907-262-4389.

Applications received before the first day or after midnight on the last day of the current application cycle will not be considered and will not be held over until the next application cycle.