The City Council and advisory boards and commissions meet in the Council Chamber at Soldotna City Hall.

Types of Meetings

Regular Meetings are the regularly scheduled meetings of the City Council and the advisory boards and commissions.

Work Sessions may be scheduled on occasion to discuss subjects and provide direction to administration in a less formal setting; no actions are taken in a work session. Work sessions are open to the public. The Council, boards or commission may choose whether or not to take public comments during a work session.

Special Meetings may be scheduled to act on time sensitive items that require attention prior to the next regular business meeting. Typically a special meeting follows the same format as a regular meeting, but will only have the specific item/topic being discussed on the agenda.

In response to Governor Dunleavy’s Mandate-011: All City facilities are closed to the public, essential personnel are the only persons entering these facilities.

How to listen to a City Council Meeting: City Council Meetings can be streamed live during the meeting from the City Website at, then select “Streaming Live” from the drop down menu. If you missed a meeting and wish to listen after, from the same web-page, select “Recorded” from the drop down menu.

How to provide written testimony: Written testimony is highly encouraged, written comments on a specific agenda item that are received one-hour before the meeting begins will be posted on the City Website as an additional item to that agenda item. Written comments can be sent to Any comments received after the one hour deadline will be posted after the meeting.

Sign-up to provide telephonic testimony/comments: City facilities are closed to anyone other than essential city employees; therefore, verbal testimony must be provided telephonically. Any person who wishes to provide verbal testimony is encouraged to pre-register and a city employee will call you during the meeting. An operator will be available during the meeting to take your information for a call back; however, we cannot guarantee you are called back in time for the correct agenda item if you call to sign-up while the meeting is taking place. Please pre-register to be called during the meeting by completing the Telephonic Testimony Form located at the bottom of this page.

What to expect: Persons who testify/comment telephonically will be called in the order that they signed up for each specific agenda item. When you are called please turn the volume down on the device you are streaming the meeting on. Once you are placed in the meeting the Mayor will ask you to state your name and if you are a resident of the city. Your 3-minutes will begin after you state your name and residency status.

Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at if you have additional questions regarding telephonic participation. Thank you.

Telephonic Testimony Form